Putting Pied back on the map

How do you put one of London’s best restaurants back on the map? This was Consumer King’s objective. Plain and simple. Pied à Terre had been awarded some of the highest accolades known to the restaurant industry such as a first Michelin star in 1993, followed by a second star three years later. To book a table meant waiting three months at least. By early 2016, the restaurant was still regarded as one of London’s best, yet, the proliferation of London’s fine dining scene meant Pied had become ‘one of many’.

The outcome

Significant media coverage – some 19 articles in national newspapers – were gained for Pied and its owner, David Moore, including a double page spread in The Mail on Sunday and a panel appearance on The Wright Stuff.

Lunchtime bookings increased by around 30 per cent, enquiries for special occasions were also shown to link to our campaign thanks to direct coverage and resulting keyword phrases from high domain authority publications.

The restaurant became popular with A List celebrities, sports stars and politicians during the time we worked alongside Pied.

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