All words need to count

Nearly every business is judged by the words on their website or marketing material. All words need to count. Copy should impress enough for the reader to buy. The Consumer King team are adept at creating concise, accurate and engaging copy, no matter the subject.


Website copy to engage the reader and drive them to ‘call to action’ – conversion is the name of the game. Consumer King’s copy is thoroughly researched, keyword-optimised and up-to-date with the latest Google algorithms. We know how to boost your website with words.


Blogs are an essential marketing tool providing your business with a unique voice and authority. Google award website ranking points for ‘relevant, original and engaging’ Blogs. Consumer King provide Blogs for clients working in an array of industries.

Press Releases

It’s a sobering fact: more than 96 per cent of press releases never get read by their intended target. We tailor our clients’ press releases so they are immediately eye catching and informative – essentially making the journalist’s life easy while drawing attention to your business.


The rising star of audience engagement is an unlikely contender: the humble e-newsletter. Delivering regular news about products and services directly to your audience, e-newsletters are also an efficient tool for inhouse communication.


Have you ever discarded a product or service because you can’t understand what’s being said? People lose patience when they have to decipherer convoluted text. Consumer King produce reader friendly user manuals, white papers, design specifications and project plans.


There’s no point building a great website if no one sees it. Consumer King produce in-depth SEO plans to make your site rank higher on Google. We optimise keywords, page titles, meta-descriptions and your content strategy to make sure you come out on top.

If this sounds like nonsense to you – give us a call!

“Rene was professional and helped us put together really creative articles that helped catch the attention of readers. I would recommend his work to others”.

Tom Spain, Principal Stockbroker Raymond James
Seven things good copywriters should do:

Use three words rather than five

Keep up-to-date with Google algorithm changes

Provide fresh, regular content

Avoid factual inaccuracies and speling errors

Increase website conversions

Inform, not bore

Show their client in the best possible light

We have provided copywriting for:


  • Camila Batmangelidgeh, CEO Kids Company


  • The Wimpole Clinic
  • Doctaly


  • Ice Cream Alliance
  • Colourbank Carpets
  • Antidote Art
  • Party Delights
  • Superfish
  • Dunster House
  • Online Spy Shop
  • The Rug Seller
  • Escapade
  • Barrie Stephen Hair


  • Fischer Energy
  • Affect Energy


  • St Martins Tea and Coffee Merchants
  • The Belmont Hotel
  • John’s House
  • Gallone’s Ice Cream
  • Pied a Terre
  • Kitchen W8
  • Oscar’s Pizzeria
  • Cuppas

Finance and Legal

  • Raymond James Investment Services
  • Pension Claim Consulting Ltd
  • Edward, Hands Lewis Solicitors
  • Blackthorn Griffiths Accountants
  • Money Redress
  • ACL Consultancy
  • Pension Claim Consulting

Public transport

  • Swift Fox Cabs


  • Beanser